maandag 28 juli 2014

foto's van de trek op 22 juli met de hele Utah Salt Lake City East mIssion

These picture are made by sister Sandi Eberhardt en Sister Cheryl Call. Thanks to them we can enjoy most of the trip/trek that this misson made.


 Finally the elders got the instruction to go up hill. They weren't allowed to help the sisters. This represents those man that had died, killed or they were particepating in the Mormon Batillion. The sisters were instructed that they were going up hill by themselves. Pulling the handcar without help from the brethren. Remember during your trek uphill that these sisters had more then their share of trials. Think about what they have been through. They sang 'as sisters in Zion' and went up hill. These pictures brought tears into my eyes.

The elders told later that it was hard for them to see how some sisters struggle to get up hill. They wanted to help but they couldn't. What an amazing experiences for the whole mission. They all were tired and wow what a testimony meeting followed!


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