maandag 23 maart 2015

The Lord loveth His children

Maandag 16 Maart 2015

Halleu Halleu!

Wow, I can't believe another week has flown by! I have to admit, this was probably one of the hardest weeks on my mission. Investigators dropping us, investigators and other people canceling, not showing up, nobody that we're trying to contact being home...Missionary life... I feel like my whole mission I've been able to be happy and cheerful no matter what, but somehow this week I just couldn't find the strength to do it. I have always taken this quote to heart: 
“Pray as though everything depended upon God. Work as though everything depended upon you. 
It has always worked out so far, but for some reason even that didn't seem to work. But then the answer to my prayer came yesterday. We ended up having dinner with a family that I absolutely love, because the family that had signed up was sick. This family is a very special and precious family. The husband is convert, got baptized about 15 years ago and the wife is the sweetest person on the planet. They have two ADORABLE children, a girl and a boy.They asked us about us and our families and our conversion stories and they told theirs. The Spirit was strong and it uplifted me so so much. It testified to me again that no matter what's going on on our mission, even when we don't see any seemingly results, this is where we're meant to be. There is no better choice or place. At the end when we had to leave the boy and the girl didn't want us to leave and told us we had to stay and that they were going to be missionaries with us. The little boy (he's like 2 years old) even cried his little heart out! It was soooo cute and so sad!!! I just wish I could take this family home with me!!! I'm sure they would fit in my suitcase! So that was definitely a tender mercy and an answer to my heartfelt prayers :')

Well, so far it's been maybe a little bit of a depressing email, I'm sorry about that...But I know this week is going to be a lot better! We have quite a bit of appointments, so I'm excited! The weeks coming up are going to be sooo awesome! In 2 weeks we have zone conference, a mission devotional and we're going to the Jordan River temple, I'm super pumped! Then the week after that we have General Conference. We're going to the Saturday morning session at the Conference Center with a friend of the Church. We're excited about that! Then we're also taking a recent convert to the Women's Conference at the Conference Center, so yup, good and exciting things are ahead of us!

The weather here has been absolutely fabulous by the way! It's been in the 70's (so in the 20's celsius), so that's ridiculously warm for February and March! But I'm not complaining :) 
zuster Iris Spek en zuster Debby Spijkerman

Well, I think that's it for this week. I don't want you to worry about me, because I'm doing great! We all have our ups and downs, because that's part of life! There needs to be opposition in all things :)

I love you all and I want you to know that you're always in my prayers :)

Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman

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