maandag 23 maart 2015

The Akwardness is real...

Maandag 23 maart 2015

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!! :D

 Well, this week was...interesting...and totally crazy...
On Tuesday we taught a cute little member family the restoration (they're both returned missionaries from the Scotland/Ireland mission) and their son, Damian (2 years old), called us sisternaries! Soooo cute!!!
Then that night we 'taught' our new friend! She is supersweet and she has a 2 year old boy! We sat outside on her lawn and the boy DID NOT want to share her with us, hahaha. So he took her to the other side of the lawn. So we're like screaming to her, trying to do "How to begin teaching", figuring out her religious background, her beliefs and stuff like that. Trying to testify to her of God's plan for her, her family and the little boy just kept leading her away by the hand. So when we went to the other side to sit closer by... He decided to go down the street, and so there they went, up and down, from the left to the right. Us trying to teach her about the Gospel. It was hilarious, and definitely one of the most awkward, but funny teaching experiences on my mission XD Next time we'll be teaching her about the plan of salvation, since she wants to learn the role of Christ in our religion. Her mom passed away when she was in her 20s. So I'm sure she'll loooove the plan of salvation! We're excited! :D
Wednesday we got sick, we stayed in. I wasn't that sick. We had some appointments, so I went out with members for a couple of hours. But it was sooo weird not having a missionary companion with me...I have to admit: I simply did not know what to do with myself! O.o It was weird. For dinner we went to the Palmers and they're friends with the Bryner's. They had invited the Bryner's over for dinner!!!! :D :D :D IT WAS SOOOOO AWESOMEEE!!!! :D
Friday I went on exchanges with Sister Tatafu and it was a lot of fun! :D So recently we've had a lot of funny experiences with people. Since we're walking every other day we try to talk to people on the street, but seriously, every single person that walks on the street will literally cross the street, turn the other way, or suddenly walk into their backyard or walk to their door (I'm CONVINCED that people just walk up to a random house so they can avoid us. It's TOO much of a coincidence that EVERY time we see people they are at their house and that they have to go inside their house. hahahahha! It just cracks me up!) Missionary work in Utah is the best :3 Well, that's about it :D Weird stuff going on, but life is great!
Seriously, the lyrics of the song 'You Raise Me Up' are true! On Friday morning during my personal study time I felt prompted to read my patriarchal blessing and to make a list of two things. On one side I wrote down the things Heavenly Father told me to do in order to for me to be happy and blessings to be fulfilled. Then one the other side I wrote down all the blessings and promises that lie in store for me based on my faiithfulness. I discovered that my list was only like  bullet points, while my blessings didn't seem to come to an end! So our Father in Heaven is so loving and merciful! :)

I love you all!!!
Have a great and blessed week!!!

Lots and lots of love
Sister Spijkerman 

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