maandag 2 februari 2015

Once there was a snowman...

Maandag 2 februari 2015

Hiiiiii Everyone!
So, you might be wondering why I chose for this title. It is because we haven't had snow in weeks. Right now it's like Spring! :) But we don't mind at all! At least, I don't.... :)

Last week was a pretty crazy week. Plans fell through, people needed help last minute, etc. So there was quite a bit of stress, which I'm not used to at all!

O.o  I've never been so stressed out so much in my entire life, hahaha! So it was a good lesson! :) We were able to be led to a new investigator this week! :D

We were walking it was after 6, so it was pretty dark. We saw a house that the Sisters before us had knocked on before. We have tried it before, but that time nobody answered. The first time the sisters met the lady she said  wasn't interested, because she was already a member, haha.

Anyways, I looked at the house and felt like we should try again. So we knocked on the door and a little boy answers. He talks to his dad for a bit, and invites us to come in! So, that was a miracle in itself! :D We sat down, the mom was on the phone, so they told us we could wait till she was done. We talked to the boy for a bit to get to know him. Then she came in and we talked for a bit about where we were from and so on. Which leads into asking if we could teach the boy!

We asked him if he knew what missionaries did and he knew a little bit about it. Then the mom took over and asked him if he wanted to learn more about the Church? She told us that he'd been going to Church in the Stake across the street with some friends and she told us he hadn't been baptized! :D He said he wanted to learn more! :D WHAAAAAAAA!!!!! MIRACLES pouring down from Heaven! :D

You should also know that this is the only ward that hasn't had investigators in FOREVER and we'd been trying and trying to find people in that ward without any success! :D So we are soooo happy! :D The Bishop of that ward, served his mission in The Netherlands, so I absolutely love his family! They are sooo awesome! :)

We also went to Temple Square on Saturday to watch Meet The Mormons! I just love that move so much! :) I hope they'll put in on DVD so I can bring it home and watch it with you! It's super inspiring! It's basically a movie/documentary about 6 different LDS families :) It's AMAZING! :D

 Well....I think that's about it for this week! Missions are the best and I hope you'll encourage EVERYBODY back home to go!!! :D it's so amazing! :) Lives change! The Gospel is true! The Atonement is real! And Christ is right there for us!

 I love y'all and pray that the Lord may continue to bless you! 

 Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman

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