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Miracles and Metamorphosis

Maandag 16 februari 2015


Wow, this week truly has been amazing!!! This week has changed me sooo much! We had so many experiences that helped me realize that God knows His children so perfectly, that we are truly instruments in His hands.

Our first experience was on Tuesday. Before Sister Bates was here Sister Quiles and I got lost and ended up in a street we'd never been before. We felt we had to be there so we started knocking on doors,. But nobody was home. Then we kind of forgot about it, but every time we wrote it in our planner to go back. But we never seemed to be able to have time. On Tuesday we had time, so we decided to go back to that street and we weren't sure where to go, We prayed and asked Heavenly Father to show us where to go. We felt we had to knock on a specific door. We decided to knock on all the doorsl. We got some good responses, but it wasn't it.

Then we came to the house we felt inspired to stop by. We knocked and a man answered the door. He told us he was a recovering member, that his daughter served a mission in the Netherlands. I was super excited of course and then I found out who it was. Sister Robbins, now known as Caitlin DeMass!!!! I'd been trying to find them in this mission forever, but without success. And then we were here, standing on this man's front porch, telling us that it was his daughter! There was no way we would have been able to talk to him and there was no way we could have set up a return appointment if we hadn't had that connection! :) We are going to have dinner with him and his daughter and husband this week! 
Again, we had that amazing connection! I am so grateful for the Spirit and that God KNOWS every single one of us. He reaches out to His children in love. I know that as we listen to the Spirit we will have miracles happen. We will find those that need our help :)

In the car on our way to dinner I was just sitting there in awe, that our Father in Heaven just knows who needs our help specifically and I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness :) And soooo....we are going to have dinner on Friday! :D

Then also this transfer I decided I wanna get rid of all my fears. The Lord has helped me so much with that! When I finally figured out how to do street contacting (I know right, after 14 months I finally figured it out, because we never received any kind of training on it, so pretty much nobody really knows how to do it). But through a video of Dutch missionaries I finally figured it out! :D And it's sooo easy!!! :D And so now we talk to everybody we see and it is sooo great! :D We have had supergreat experiences, but also some really "funny' ones. At least, I can laugh about them :) There was this lady. We got up to her to shake her hand. We're like: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! :D How are you?!!!! :D And you could see her face going like this: -_- Like: Oh no...it's the missionaries... -_- it was hilarious! XD She shook her hand, said: I'm Lutheran.
At first we were a little beteuterd, but then we laughed about it and continued our journey! :)
That same night we felt like we had to go visit this wonderful returning member, she's usually not home. Any unplanned visits usually don't work out. But we decided to listen to our feeling. We started walking, as we were walking down the street we ran into a man on a bike and we started talking to him. He told us he was getting kicked out of his house. He had nowhere to go, that his food bag got stolen. He told us he was depressed and didn't know what to do basically. We started talking about Jesus Christ, gave him a gift card for a restaurant. Gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and testified of God's love for him. We gave him the bishop's number and our number, but he never called back :( He thanked us a billion times for talking to him and helping him. It was such an incredible experience!

And you know what, that returning member wasn't home when we finally got there, so the Spirit led us to this lost man :) So as you can tell, this week was so great! I've grown sooo much and I'm sooo happy! :)

I love y'all and hope that all of you are turning to the Light. I invite all of you to study with me charity for the rest of this month :) (this is what the whole mission of Debby is doing this month). It's truly changing me and I know it will change you forever as well. Let us love one another!

Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman

Elder Scherf en zuster Spijkerman op leiders trainingsvergadering!!! THe Dutchies

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