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Maandag 1 december 2014

Heeey lieve allemaal!!!
Afgelopen week was een geweldige week.We hadden EINDELIJK een les met onze onderzoeker! :D We taught him the Restoration and it was really amazing to hear his testimony of Jesus Christ and the power of prayer! So we hope we will be able to continue teaching him, because he's amazing. :)

The highlight of the week was obviously my first Thanksgiving ever! It was sooo much fun! In the morning we had a Thanksgiving Devotional of one of our wards. Well, it was actually an interdenominational devotional. There were different people of different faiths all together in our ward building! And trust me, that is very unusual in Utah, since a lot of non-members don't want to put one foot in our church buildings.  During the devotional the international children's choir sang, which was really awesome! They sang different songs from different countries! :)

Then the governor of Utah spoke, which was quite an experience as well :) He's a member of the Church, so he quoted a lot of scriptures :) After the devotional we went to a member's home and helped them peel potatoes and apples :) We went to our beloved mission mom (well, actually, one of our many mission moms... :D). Then we went to our own house and played games with the people we live with. We played Mormon bridge. We had no idea how to play it! They tried to explain it to me, but they used all these American words that I'd never heard before. For the first time on my mission I just really didn't know what people were talking about! :O It was so embarrassing! :O They told me to put my hand out (meaning, to put my cards on the table so they could see them). Guess what I did? I put my physical hand out on the table.... -_- oh my... Everybody was laughing of course.. I think that day I gained a lot more empathy for those poor missionaries back home :) Anyways, I was finally able to understand it! Hurrah!!! :D

Then we went to our senior couple, the Bryner's. We helped them make pies and prepare our Thanksgiving dinner :) While waiting for things to cook we played games with the Elders and just had a lot of fun! :) For Thanksgiving sister Guy and I also made jars with quotes in them to hand out to those we're teaching and of course also for some members :) We quickly ate our dinner, delivered the jars and went back to the Bryner's to play games with the Elders, a member, that was a lot fun :)

Then we went to see some other members. They spoke in sacrament meeting and they told the congregation that they have 4 daughters :) now! (they have 2 of there own, 1 daughter is serving in Russia right now!) so yeah, that's how much we all love each other :) They had his mom and his sister over as well. Believe it or not, his sister is in the same home ward as President and sister Robinson!!!! :O :D Sooooo coooool!!!! So that was my first thanksgiving and it was absolutely fabulous!

I'm so grateful to have my own family here as well :) People here have embraced me, loved me and I'm so grateful for all of them :) Yesterday we visisted older couple in one of our wards. They told me that I needed to tell you, mom and dad, that they are trying to take good care of us :) They too have adopted us as their daughters :) When this sweet Brother said the closing prayer he referred to us as his daughters :) He is soooo sweet!!!! :3 

Last week they turned on the Christmas lights on Temple Square and I haven't seen them yet. But since I'm afraid I'll get transferred next week. We have set up a lot of appointments this week so we can go to Temple Square to see the lights!!! Next week you will receive lots and lots of pictures!!!! :D
I hope you will all remember the reason for the season, that you will look to share Christ's love with those around you! :) 

I love you all and may God's love always be with you!

Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman <3

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