maandag 24 november 2014


Maandag 24 november 2014

Heeeeey allemaal!!!!

Man, wat is deze week voorbijgevlogen!

Last week was a tough one for our district. We all had to drop some investigators. Some 'investigators' are not progressing... The elders got dropped by their investigators who had a baptismal date in December and the other elders lost also all their investigators as well. And nobody in the district seems to be able to find new ones

So right now it's hard not to get discouraged. It's tough to see your numbers drop so drastically. But this week I found a new motto. It's a phrase from the hymn 'Let us all press on'. In the 2nd verse it says:

'We will not retreat though our numbers may be few'. our numbers may not be great (to say the least), but we won't stop! We're not giving up!!! Satan may try whatever he wants, but we're fighting back with the mighty sword of truth! Don't you just love that!
Last week I went on exchanges and I went to a YSA (= Young Single Adults) area for a day with sister Aiasau :) We had a lot of fun. It was definitely different to teach people my own age, since I'm so used to teaching kids and older people :) Since we were in YSA we were able to go to Institute!!! Yeeeey!!! And I learned something pretty profound. They were talking about Abinadi (prophet in the Book of Mormon) and I was just reading about him the other day. And I learned that even Abinadi had 'only' one convert, or actually one reactivation on his mission, and that was Alma. He sacrificed his life to deliver that message so that at least one person would listen. one person... but we all know what happened to Alma and his posterity! For generations his posterity was the one presiding over the Church! And think about all the people that Alma and his posterity brought to the knowledge of the Gospel! :) 

I love y'all a whole lot and I hope you'll continue to be a light in the darkness! :) Let your light shine and stand tall!!! Be strong and courageous! :) 

Lots and Lots of Love

Sister Spijkerman <3

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