maandag 15 december 2014

Hillside Stake!

Maandag 15 december 2014

Buenos Dias my beloved family!!!

Well, the news you've been waiting for all week! :D I am still in Salt Lake :) I'm serving in the Hillside Stake, which is like two stakes over from Canyon Rim! Yup, I'm back in the Olympus Zone! At transfers I found out that the Olympus zone has the most sisters, so I'm responsible for 5 companionships O.O It's great though! :D They are all great sisters and supersweet, so I'm looking forward to learning from them :) This week I'm going on my first exchange, so I'm excited :) 

The Hillside Stake is in the Sugarhouse area in Salt Lake and there are a lot more kids and young married couples here than in the avenues :) So that is a lot of fun! :)
There are a lot of people here who served their mission in the netherlands :D (one of our bishops served in Holland. Super awesome! :D They asked me if I knew about some people, but I didn't know a lot of them. One sister asked me to check up on a sister. She lives in our stake and is part of the wijk Apeldoorn. She doesn't go to church anymore. SO yeah, please reach out to the inactive people in our Stake! And in the Netherlands! Some of them are waiting to be found! :D 

Oh, I totally forgot to update you in my new companion, ghehehe ^ ^ Now it looks like I don't like or love her, but that's absolutely not true!
I loooove her to pieces! Her name is sister Quiles and she is from New Jersey. Her mom is from Ecuador and her dad's family is from Spain :) So she speaks Spanish! So cool! Now I can finally learn some Spanish! :D muahahaha! We live in a duplex with another set of sisters, which is totally crazy with the use of the bathroom and fridge, but a lot of fun as well :) Anyways...sister Quiles is soooo adorable!!! She is such a bubbly happy person and she is sooo funny! She is so excited to be my companion, because I have European chocolate, hahaha (and for some other reasons as well of course...hopefully...) OOOOOOH!!!
By the way!!! We have to share our car with the other sisters, so we're on bikes every other day now!!!!!!!! :D YEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!! I missed it soooo much!!!! So I'm SUPER happy!!! :D It's a little bit harder here though, because everything is uphill, but going downhill is kinda fun ^ ^ So...yeah, I'm having a lot of fun!
I'm starting to know my way around here, and getting to know the people :) We will have a transfer of hard work and diligence and obedience, so that we can find people to teach and baptize! :)

I will send more pictures this week of last week! :D 

I love you all sooo much! Sister Quiles told me to wish you Feliz Navidad! :D I'm excited to talk to y'all next week! :D

Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman <3

Thanks for the extra pictures made by sister C. Call

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