maandag 15 december 2014


Maandag, 8 december 2014

Heeeeey allemaal!!!
WELL... TRANSFERS!!!! You'll never believe what's going to happen to me!!!! :O Last night I got a phone call from President Eberhardt and I have been called to serve as a Sister Training Leader in the mission!!! :O A sister training leader is kind of like a zone leader for sister. You go on exchanges, teach the sisters what they can improve on, help them with personal problems and things like that :) HOLY COW!!!! :O :O :O Can you imagine!!! Me, Sister Spijkerman, serving as a Sister Training Leader?!!! O.O I feel so overwhelmed and inadequate! I bet most of the sisters don't even know who I am!!! So I've got an adventure waiting for me right there... o.o

Then this morning we got the phone call that I'm leaving the Avenues :( Weeeeh!!!! :'( I am soo sad!!! I love it so much over here! But I've learned that Heavenly Father definitely knows what is best for me :) He will prepare a way and everything will be alright :) I will miss all the wonderful and beautiful people here though! The last couple of days it has been raining gifts and presents for us. People have taken care of me so well and they have been so kind and loving towards me :) I will never forget all the wonderful people that I met and taught here :) 

Anyways, besides transfers we went to Temple Square last week to see the Christmas lights!!! It is the PRETTIEST sight EVER!!! Oh my!!! It's like there are trees of life everywhere! :D It's sooo pretty!!! I loved walking around and watch all the people :) They were all so happy :) Everybody was singing and laughing and talking :) The Spirit of Christmas was there :) I just love being a missionary during this time of year! It's so amazing to be a representative of Jesus Christ during the time that we celebrate His birth and ministry :) I can't thank Him enough for the gift of hope, light and eternal life that He has given me and all those around me. I love Him so much and I am so deeply grateful that I can serve Him every day :) 

I hope you will all enjoy this Christmas season and feel the Spirit that Christ brings :) Center your lives and Christmas in Him, you will feel the peace and joy that He brings :) I love you all very very much!!! I'll find out tomorrow where I will be serving next and who my companion is going to be :) 

 Lots and Lots of Love
Your Loving Sister Missionary

 Sister Spijkerman <3 

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