maandag 20 oktober 2014

Miracles and blessings

Maandag 13 oktober 2014

Haaaaai iedereen!!!! 
Happy Columbus Day!!!! (In my opinion Americans have too many holidays hahahaha, I can't keep tracj of all of them). 
This has by far been one of the greatest weeks on my mission! Don't get me wrong: I LOVE and cherish every moment, minute and second that I've had in the last couple of 10 months :) Oh my goodness...I can't believe I'm even able to say that I've had experiences in TEN months! Weeh, that makes me sooo sad! It went by too quickly! :O
Anyways, last week we were able to put a new investigator on date for the 25th! :D woohooo!!! His daughter got baptized last April and just got married to a LDS returned missionary! But he looooves coming to Church and feeling the Spirit and he loves the principle of repentance (and so do I :D)! So we'll keep praying that he'll stay on date! :) 
Then on Saturday we found another investigator :D She was a referral from a member. She told us that this lady wants to come to Church, more for like the social aspect of it. So we stopped by, got in and talked about Church and did how to begin teaching and it was super awesome! She wants to be happy and learn how to make the right choices! Well, let me tell you, the Gospel is THE answer! :D She was supposed to come to Church the next day, but when we called her (haha, can you believe that! I CALL people! ALL the time actually) she told us that she got food poisoning the night before because of eating crab salade (I'm telling ya, Satan is using EVERYTHING to keep people away from the Gospel. Even a dead crab! That's why we shouldn't be eating Sebastians) :-)But anyways, we have another appointment with her again this week, so we're excited! :D
Tonight our other investigator is going to have an interview with President after that we can put him on date (hopefully!!!) too. Most likely he'll get baptized on October 25th as well!! So if everything turns out as planned, we will have THREE baptisms that day! And one the week after that!
Salt Lake Zone 14 October 2014
Miracles are happening in the Emigration stake ! We are soooo grateful to be part of it! We texted our district leader (who serves in this stake as well) about all these miracles. He said that we were being blessed because of our diligence, obedience and patience. Then he said: Heavenly Father must really love both of you, or something'. hahaha, I just love the 'or something'-part :) This was also the first week on my mission that we taught more than 20 lessons that count in our key indicators!!!! :D Oh wait, well, I just can't remember the last time we had that many lessons!!! So the size of our area is about the size of half of Holtenbroek I would say.... It's sooo amazing to see how the Lord blesses us with so many people to teach in this tiny area! The power of the Lord is soooo real!!! It's sooo amazing! :D  
I would like to encourage all of you to start reading the Book of Mormon again. There are amazing promises that have been given to us as we do so. I had a couple of amazing quotes that I didn't bring with me... So you'll have to trust me that I know the prophets have promised blessings of peace, harmony and love as we read the Book of Mormon every day as a family and as an individual.
Elder Bednar encouraged us to focus your study of the Book of Mormon on a specific topic every time when you start over again. He encouraged us to get a new, plain copy every time and highlight the different topics. He promised we would be blessed with inspiration and answers. I just finished my study of the Book of Mormon last week and I started over again today. So I read the Title Page, the introduction (they are like the BEST thing EVER!), the Testimony of the Witnesses and Joseph Smith and A Brief Explanation. I decided that I would focus my study this time on Jesus Christ and His different titles and names. So everytime when I for example read 'Jesus Christ' or 'the Son' or 'the Messiah' I highlight those titles and name, so that I can restrengthen my testimony of the Book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ over and over again. This morning I already found 25! In just a couple of pages!
I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is true. I LOOOVE it sooo much and I have seen the power of the Book of Mormon in people's lives. Don't underestimate it's power even when you've read it so many different times. I know that our homes and families will be blessed abundantly as we have that power and Spirit in our home :) Follow Moroni's invitation and just try it! :)
Well, I think that's all for this week! I can't really think of anything else.... OH! this week we had a tarantula in our front yard!!!! O______________________O
Brother Young caught it and put it in a cup. So when we came home that night he was like: Sister Spijkerman, I have a surprise for you! So he got the cup and told me he had a tarantula in it! WHAAAAAAAAAA O____O So I ran away and he decided not to tease me that much, so he took it up the mountain and let it go. Yuk.... They showed us pictures though.... so even though I'm not serving in Australia, I still have to deal with my fear of spiders. which is kind of ironic, because everybody calls me Spiderman...
I love you all so very VERY much and I hope you will have a wonderful rest of the week! When do yo have Herfstvakantie? :) Halloween is coming up here and people have some really scary, creepy decorations in their front yards..... O.O Anyways.... Love Y'all!!!
Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman <3

ps. Sorry about my email in English. I have to admit that this didn't take as long as usual, because my brain just can't think in proper Dutch anymore, hahaha

tarantula spider (redactie) en Debby is echt heel bang voor spinnen. Zelfs die kleine baby dingetjes dus dit is echt een hele grote!!!

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