dinsdag 7 oktober 2014


Maandag 6 oktober 2014.


We hebben echt een SUPER week gehad!!!! Last Friday we put an investigator on date to be baptized for October 25th! :D WOOHOOOO!!! So, nu hebben we twee vrienden die binnenkort worden gedoopt en 1 andere vriend met een latere doopdatum! :D October 25th! :D November 1st! :D And January 19th! :D Wooohooooo!!! Go Salt Lake Emigration Stake! :D We voelen ons rijkelijk gezegend en we zijn zooo dankbaar voor een liefhebbende hemelse Vader!
Dan was het afgelopen weekend natuurlijk ook nog eens de mooiste tijd van het jaar! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! :D Maaaan, I LOOOVED it SO much!!! :D I LOVED Elder Klebingkat's talk! I just needed to hear that Heavenly Father is pleased with what we're doing despite our weaknesses :) and I also loooved Elder Scott's talk! I loved how everybody talked about keeping our testimonies burning within us and working on our spiritual strength! We were able to attend the Sunday morning session at the conference center with my beloved member, a less-active member (who is almost active now), that we've been teaching! It was the BEST!
We were able to attend Music & The Spoken Word, because we were in the Conference Center SUPER early we were able to listen to their rehearsals as well! Tender mercies of the Lord! Guess who I saw at the Conference Center! :D BAS EN EVELIEN HOFSTEE!!!!!
We gaven elkaar een dikke knuffel en we praatten wat met elkaar (in mijn gebroken Nederlands met een Amerikaans accent uiteraard, haha). So, another tender mercy! :)
I LOVE being on my mission! I am SO grateful that I'm serving in the Utah Salt Lake City East Mission! I couldn't have served anywhere else! This mission isn't easy for sure, but oh my, how much I love it! Alma 26 is so beautiful! :) I KNOW the Church is true! I KNOW the Church is being led by a prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I KNOW the things they talked about is inspiration, that we will be blessed if we listen to their counsel and exhortation. They are not talking about these things to merely entertain us. These are literally the words from our Heavenly Father to richly bless our lives :)  I love y'all! :) Never doubt your testimony! 'Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not, fear not.' D&C 6:36 (one of my favorites) 

I pray for you and think about you! :) May the Lord bless you abundantly! And thanks for the package (I think I told you that, we're all getting older, so we are forgetting some more things too, haha :) )

Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman <3

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