dinsdag 21 april 2015

Here we go :D

Maandag 20 april 2015

Heeeeeey everyone!!! :D

 So, first things first! My new companion is Sister Anderson! :D She is from Miami Florida and we actually go home together... :) Crazy huh?!
So they're white washing the area in a couple of weeks, which is kinda sad, because we worked so hard in this area to get things going and finally little by little we see the fruits of our labors. But hey, we can't argue with the Lord's will :)
We've had an INCREDIBLE week! One of our investigators called us and said she wants to get baptized! So I taught her very briefly the first 3 lessons in 30 minutes over the phone. Then on Saturday we taught her the restoration and as for now she is still struggling with Joseph Smith. She is reading the Book of Mormon, praying and she came to Church yesterday! We know she will receive a testimony soon :D I just absolutely LOVE her! I just feel like I had to be here for her :)
Sister Anderson and I get along super great! It feels like we've been companions forever :) Well, actually, we've served around each other quite a bit, so maybe that's why :) We had a great week full of tracting, street contacting, teaching and it's just been great. We had some pretty hilarious and cool experiences while tracting. There where a lot of college students living in the apartments, so must of them where either drunk or high, so it was quite interesting.
My favorite story is the following! We knock on this door, this guy answers the door and is kinda staring at us and says: Hi... And we were like: HIIII!!! :D We are the sister missionaries and we are here to share a message with you about Christ that will bless your life so much! He kept staring at us and said: I would LOVE to talk about that! But...I am going to close the door now. And then he closed the door. And we still tried to testify and give him a Book of Mormon, but it was too late :( It was pretty funny though. we're like: what just happened O.o
But then we also had a pretty cool experience :D This girl answered the door and welcomed us in to warm up .She immediately said she wasn't Mormon and that she doesn't want to be one, but that we were welcome to come in and have some water. We went inside and we talked for like 45 minutes about what we do as missionaries and why we do it :) She said she was looking for truth in her life, but she wasn't ready to meet with us quite yet. We invited her to watch Meet the Mormons so we're going to buy her a copy today so she can watch it and feel the Spirit :) It was an amazing experience! We all felt super uplifted and she said we were just beaming because we were so convinced of what we believed in :)

I love y'all!!!

Lots and Lots of Love
Sister Spijkerman <3

Sister Kreiberg, sister Spijkerman and 2 adorable children with their mom

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